1974 VW Speedster

1974 VW Speedster

The Beetle was a Standart model (Sparkafer) from 1974 - 1200 cc "D" engine. Originally was a sedan with a damaged roof and body shell.

The idea of the owner was to create a car for fun and in the same time to advertise his own company. So the car was chopped and totally refurbished - front beam, chassis, all the brakes, body, wheels - everything.

The target was a 4-seater Speedster.

Front and rear lights are custom, as well as the front glass - a custom triplex glass, the fenders as well as the running boards are custom GFK, the wheels and the tyres are fitted accordingly to match the requested vision.

The paint is a special polyurethane DuPont paint - two layer metallic structure - the base layer is a charcoal mettalic, the upper layer is a black metallic. It is scratch proof and much easier to be mainatined than the normall black mat paint.

The engine is a stock "D" engine - one of the best engines of VW ever. Anyhow it is detailed to certain extend, a lot of parts missed, but otherwise it was sound.

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The Speedster team